Lancair IVP Experimental
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    Name Jeffrey Liegner Date 28 Dec 2007
    Aircraft IVP Experimental Airline Private
    Notes: Just started descent, passing through 16,500', heading into north Jersey, eastbound. Average power settings. VMC. Myself and copilot.
    Name Jim Hergert Date 16 Oct 2007
    Aircraft IVP Experimental Airline Private
    Notes: A few days ago I had one of the few flight legs with a tail wind. The attached picture shows me in level flight at FL210 in smooth air. This was from Lincoln, CA. to Sedona, AZ. SEZ in the lower right of the screen. Note it shows 308 nm to destination and it took less. I saw 344 kt GS in the decent or 395 mph. It was a 520 nm trip that took us 1:52 hr. This screen shot shows 325 kt GS with 73 kt. tailwind. Also, the CFS shows 256 TAS, which is corrected for compressibility and Mach heating. Last year I calibrated all this but please note that my Round IAS gauge reads 15 kts faster because it only corrects for Temp at Altitude. Both are tied into the same static system. Many of the speeds I hear about are from the round gauge. I also have winglets -10 kts and leading edge tape which maybe costs 3 or 4 kts. The power was 30/ 2400 or 65% on the rich side at 24 gph. Flightaware has me down for 1:36 hr. because I opened the flight plan in the air and closed it to allow decent below 10K MEA. The 1:52 time is from 1500 rpm up and down. BTW, I tried upping the power to 31/2500 or 75% rich and saw 5 kts more and 5 gph more. I love to brag about the one flight out of 50 with a tailwind.