Cessna 210
Passengers: 5 Max takeoff weight: 4,000 lb (1,814 kg) Max landing weight: - Max fuel capacity: -
Max range: 900 Nm Max ceiling: 27,000' Max cruising speed: 204 kts Thrust/power: 310 hp (231 kW)

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    Name Jeffrey Abbott Date 1 Dec 2008
    Aircraft 210 Airline Private
    Notes: Here is a flight I made last week in my P-210 N7311P from Greensboro, NC to Adirondack Regional in Saranac Lake, NY. Pic. is attached with max speed on my 496. I did not get a Pic. in flight, the other supporting documentation should suffice especially the Garmin Flightbook record. Note from the flight. 12/1 12:30 EST GSO-SLK FL 230 T-10 LOP OPs MP 30" RPM 2580 15.6 GPH cowl flaps 3/4 closed #5 Cyl 365 (the hottest) TIT 1585 Ind 142 TAS 199 GS 348 149 Kt. Tail wind Cabin Alt. 11K 7 Hrs. range available Garmin Flightbook record: 12/01/08 unknown N7311P KGSO KSLK 1 1 2.1 2.1 2.1 2.1 2.1 11:45 AM 1:53 PM PIEDMONT TRIAD INTL ADIRONDACK REGL N36 06.557 W79 55.282 N44 24.042 W74 11.600 575 nm 348 kt 22212 ft Flightaware speed, This is in error as it is not backed up by other instruments or proceeding and following radar returns. 12:39PM 39.34 -77.65 352 23000 New York Center It seems that Flightaware understates speed with the exception of this one return.
    Name Paul Guglielmi Date 21 Jan 2008
    Aircraft 210 Airline Private
    Notes: It was set on a flight from upstate NY (7GO) enroute to Nova Scotia at FL230 in level flight with no course deviation!
    Name Stephen Rubke Date 6 Apr 2007
    Aircraft 210 Airline Private
    Notes: Enroute from MEM to 6A2 (Griffin Co. near Atlanta). As you can see from the GPS, I turned from my on-course heading to get a more direct tailwind. This was descending out of 17,500. The aircraft was especially slick with a recently overhauled RAM engine and new paint.