Cessna 340
Passengers: - Max takeoff weight: 6,290 lbs Max landing weight: 4,630 lbs Max fuel capacity: 183 USG
Max range: 800 Nm Max ceiling: 28,000' Max cruising speed: 230 kts Thrust/power: 2x 310 hp

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    Name Derek Kredl Date 1 Jan 2014
    Aircraft 340 Airline
    Notes: Flying between CYHU and CYSZ at FL 290.
    Name F. Barry Knotts Date 21 Nov 2007
    Aircraft 340 Airline Private
    Notes: Cruise at 65%, FL190, TAS 181, Wind on the tail @ 68 kts., flying direct from Toledo (TOL), my home base, to Hanscom/Bedford (BED). I have included two photos from my Garmin 530W. One showing the navigation page with a speed of 247 kts. and one on the wind calculation page showing a speed of 249 kts. (TAS + Tailwind = 181 + 68 = 249). I guess I didn't catch the nav page at the higher speed. I'll get it next time. It was a nice quick trip only sullied by very difficult landing at BED. Weather from the east came in 4 hours earlier than forecast and I landed on the ILS on my second attempt at reported 400 & 1/4 mile, but was actually lower. The tail wind at the start of the ILS was 36 kts and at the surface there was no wind.