Cessna T-37B
Crew: 2 Max takeoff weight: 6,569 lb (2,980 kg) Empty Weight: 4,056 lb (1,840 kg) Max fuel capacity: 1,516 L
Max range: 810 Nm Max ceiling: 25,000' Max cruising speed: 369 kts Thrust/power: 2x 1,025 lbf (4.56 kN)

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    Name Capt Sam Joplin Date 9 Feb 2003
    Aircraft T-37B Airline
    Notes: I took this picture in a T-37B Tweet on Feb 9 03. I was leaving 25000' with the throttles firewalled & the nose pointed at the dirt & actually got 475 kts but fumbled the picture. We were issued these GPSs for emergency purposes but always seemed to navigate with them instead of the VOR/DME in the tweet. I was on the way back to El Paso, TX from Vegas I think, probably stopped for gas in Tuscon or Phoenix. I was in the 85th FTS at Lauglin AFB, TX.