Mooney 231 Rocket Conversion
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    Name C. Wayne Wright Date 19 Dec 2009
    Aircraft 231 Rocket Conversion Airline Private
    Notes: I flew a Mooney Rocket from Stennis International, Ms. (KHSA) to Salisbury, Md. this afternoon and managed to get over 300 Kts ground speed for a while. I've attached a photo of the Aspen display which shows the ground speed, TAS, and the winds. I've also included a photo of the yoke mounted 496 display showing the groundspeed, the location, and the current weather system overview. As you can see from the 496, I make this trip all the time; about once per month. This is the second fastest flight so far. If I could have left earlier this morning it would have been 20-30 knots better, but this will have to do for now. ;-) The total trip distance was 862nm non-stop.