Piper PA28 Turbo Arrow III
Passengers: 3 Max takeoff weight: 1,315kg (2,900 lbs) Max landing weight: 1,315kg (2,900 lbs) Max fuel capacity: 273L (72 USG)
Max range: 1,800 km (1,000nm) Max ceiling: 20,000' Max cruising speed: 170 KTAS Thrust/power: 1x 200 hp

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    Name Daniel Villeneuve / Felix Lussier Date 11 Feb 2013
    Aircraft PA28 Turbo Arrow III Airline n/a
    Notes: 115 nautical miles west of Dayton Ohio on initial part of descent out of 17,000 feet. A flight from Kansas (KLBL), 815 miles in 03h50 with tail winds in the 60-70 knots range. GS was in the 230-240 range throughout the trip.
    Name Capt. Lee Whitney and First Officer Glenn Foster Date 4 Nov 2005
    Aircraft PA28 Turbo Arrow III Airline Collaborative Research Corp
    Notes: Aircraft Type: 1978 PA-28R-201T, Registration: N47874, USA, Knot-2-U airframe modifications. Company: Collaborative Research Corp. Power Plant: 200 horsepower, Teledyne Continental TSIO-360F engine, Hartzell propeller, with Merlyn Upper Deck Pressure Controller STC'd modification Cruise Altitude: Level Flight @ 17,500 MSL Altimeter Setting: 29.90 in. hg. Outside Air Temp: Minus 14.5 degrees Centigrade Power Setting: 75% of rated, 34.8" MAP, 2,400 rpm, 100 degrees ROP TIT, burning 13.2 GPH 100 octane LL Computed True Airspeed: 164 knots Wind Velocity and Direction: 48 knots @ 237 degrees true Location: Approx. 40 NM SW KGJT Flight Conditions: VFR, negligible turbulence Specific Fuel Efficiency: 19.27 statute miles per gallon Acknowledgements: Dana Brewer and crew at Monument Aircraft Services, KGJT for the superb maintenance and speed tuning. Danny Pinson and crew at Omega Avionics, KGJT for keeping the "avionics museum" running. Joe Ramey and crew at NWS GJT for the "spot-on" forecast. Westar Aviation, KGJT for the excellent line service and BP avgas
    Name Peter Wilczek / Helmut Vogl Date 17 Oct 2013
    Aircraft PA28 Turbo Arrow III Airline
    Notes: On our flight from Praha (LKPR) to Stockerau (LOAU) with OE-KRT at FL 090.