Socata TB-21
Passengers: - Max takeoff weight: - Max landing weight: - Max fuel capacity: -
Max range: - Max ceiling: - Max cruising speed: - Thrust/power: -

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    Name Capt.Schupp Date 18 Jan 2005
    Aircraft TB-21 Airline Private
    Notes: Made on an IFR Flight between DUNDEE and BRISTOL FILTON in FlightLevel 190 due to moderate and severe Icing Conditions with an deiced and oxygen equipped TB 21 with the CallSIGN- "D-ETEN" build in 1991. Our maximum speed was 269 Knots groundspeed indicated on GPS but the camera was just working at 263 knots ...a little bit too late the picture. The temperature is also nice to know because it was a little bit freezy inside high up in the air ...also with maximum heating due to outside air temperature of -33 to - 35 degrees ... All windows were covered inside with ICE, so we had in- and outside icing conditions :-) Our FLIGHT PLAN DATA: DETEN/I/G TOBA/L/SR/C EGPN/ 0815 N150/ F220 DCT GRICE N601 TLA N57 DCS N615 CROFT Y99 NOKIN N862 MADLI DCT EGTG/ 0215/EGGD RMK/DOF 050118 RMK/ GNDTIME FOR EGTG IS 24 HRS RMK/ IFPS RT AND LV CHG'S ACCEPTED RMK/ OXYGEN ON BOARD 0530/ 003/ UHFu/s S/FUV -all u/s WHITE WITH RED BLUE LINE N/ REQ NOTAMS 1 DAY BFR FLT C/ Capt.Schupp/ ADD/ EDDG NOTAM OFFICE PRINTER 3 + PLS